Fresh Lanudry: HNGVR

HNGVR pronounced Hangover is a young producer coming out of Italy with a big sound. Fans of Jungle, Drum and Bass, and Downtempo styles will all be tickled by the track selection on HNGVR's newest release on Muti Music "The Hangover EP".

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Fresh Laundry: MHSM Meltdown V1

Highly anticipated and a few years coming. Denver's MHSM releases the Mile High Meltdown Compilation Vol. 1. Featuring tracks from over 20 artists. This family affair of tunes is guaranteed to keep the kids together for the holidays.

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Fresh Laundry: Wu Wei - Syncretic

Wu Wei's new release on Muti Music titled "Syncretic" fuses a delightful element of tribal landscapes with the misty mountains of northern California. Laid atop variable downtempo beats this release creates a wonderful soundtrack to this rainy day and our next edition of Fresh Laundry with Wu Wei.

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Fresh Laundry: Bogtrotter - Jamais Vu

Coming from Minnesota, Bogtrotter, holding it down from multiple angles. Naming his EP 'Jamais Vu'.

Flip side

Quite the opposite of deja vu, it is something like experiencing events that hit a certain note in your limbic lobe, while still feeling so unprecedented. Much like entering a psychedelic space, with feelings of being free and at home, yet having no idea where you currently are in the other realm.

Tearing the seams between each dimension with crashing waves of deep extraterrestrial wobbles, rhythmic bass lines, and mind accelerating arpeggiation. Definitely fancying my pineal gland.

These vibrational patterns... jamais vu.

I think my favorite track on this EP is 'Parallel Universe'. I feel it singing to my roots like an effervescent bird in the morning, bound to the sun rising. Get this EP while you can, it is free to download on Bandcamp. So juicy.

So this is what the other side is like... No decadence here fellas...

Line of sight



Hope you liked it, your laundry should smell real fresh now.

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Jellyfyst's early morning set at Conscious Culture Festival 2014!

Jellyfyst @ CCF 2014