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AtYyA - Transcendance EP

AtYyA's new Transcendance EP

This guy's music is nothing short of a shamanic journey in the low end depths of our frequencies. Residing in Canada this bass magician is definitely tickling our funny spots. Sub bass that delivers enormous amounts of power, unworldly sounds that are so crisp rice krispies may go out of business, doesn't get better than that. I have been deeply inspired by this guy and this new EP I have had on repeat since it came out. Undoubtedly the best release this August. Keep doing your magic AtYyA. The Transcendance EP is available for free download via @bandcamp and @soundcloud.

This five track EP makes me want to watch the sunrise with mimosas and a crackin' system in my face. Did I mention the low-end goodness? Pretty hard not to notice, if you don't have subs you better hurry up. So smooth I can't believe it's not butter. AtYyA is at burning man this year slayin them speaks, he is also playing Nevada City on Sep. 18th and Foreverland Festival on Sep. 21st! Go catch him, you won't regret it.

Told you it is awesome. Follow AtYyA on facebook

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Jellyfyst @ CCF 2014

Jellyfyst's early morning set at Conscious Culture Festival 2014!


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