"The solo project of bumble is a hive of vibrations set into the air by an infatuation of audio play. Weaving sonically diverse, bass wobbling, funk centered, glitchy creations. The unifying theme of his music reflect nature, experience, perception and aspires to spark connection."

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Fresh Lanudry: HNGVR

HNGVR pronounced Hangover is a young producer coming out of Italy with a big sound. Fans of Jungle, Drum and Bass, and Downtempo styles will all be tickled by the track selection on HNGVR's newest release on Muti Music "The Hangover EP".

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Fresh Laundry: MHSM Meltdown V1

Highly anticipated and a few years coming. Denver's MHSM releases the Mile High Meltdown Compilation Vol. 1. Featuring tracks from over 20 artists. This family affair of tunes is guaranteed to keep the kids together for the holidays.

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Fresh Laundry: Wu Wei - Syncretic

Wu Wei's new release on Muti Music titled "Syncretic" fuses a delightful element of tribal landscapes with the misty mountains of northern California. Laid atop variable downtempo beats this release creates a wonderful soundtrack to this rainy day and our next edition of Fresh Laundry with Wu Wei.

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Jellyfyst's early morning set at Conscious Culture Festival 2014!

Jellyfyst @ CCF 2014