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Fresh Laundry: Soulular's EvoLuminate

Soulular releases EvoLuminate on Bandcamp!

Donning my cup of coffee and subpac I nestled in for Jeff's latest refinement in low-end expeditions. After hearing the "Livity" teaser on Soundcloud the other day I was quite excited to give the rest of these tracks a play-through.

First Impressions.

At first listen the opening track "Levels" takes you through a myriad of emotions and layers. The soft horn-esque leads are guaranteed to give you the "feels". Peeling away the layers even deeper the next tracks delve into a deep dancehall reggae dub gangster typa way. With some particular exciting sounds that woke my groggy 9 A.M. ass right up. The closing track "Soft Puddles" fades away into a dreamy reminiscient making me wonder if I actually just did all of this or am I going to wake up and start my morning routine all again.

Get it here!

EvoLuminate is available for name your price on bandcamp right now.

You can also follow Soulular on facebook and soundcloud to get future updates.

Thanks for reading the latest installment of fresh laundry!

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Jellyfyst @ CCF 2014

Jellyfyst's early morning set at Conscious Culture Festival 2014!


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